Finding a Gem

1 August 2017

Yesterday I decided to start looking for things to go in the house, such as fire grates, mantles, chairs, lights etc. Gumtree and Ebay are great websites to source these things, although it takes a lot of time trawling on a regular basis to find the gems.

I was so lucky to find this beautiful Register tiled grate. Originally I thought I would try and find plain cast iron grates as they are cheaper but when I saw this little beauty, I just had to have it. It came out of a 1880’s house in Annandale, Sydney. The owner was very pleased to hear that it was going into a restoration project in the country. It was situated in the front formal room of the house in Annandale, which was always the room used to first greet and impress your guests. The Mantle was grey marble, which has been retained in the house so the next challenge is to clean up the grate and find a mantle that will suit it.