We have also been to LPI (Land & Property Information) and have found the following information:

  • 1848: The land on which 152 Mortimer St was originally a part of was a 10acre grant (shown as Section 7 on the record and was the area bound within Mortimer, Cox, Market and Courts Sts) to Samuel Alfred Blackman in a grant that was registered in 1848 (and is the first registered record dealing in the land). The lots shown on that grant don’t match the current layout of 152 Mortimer’s lot and surrounding lots, however from the diagram included with the 1848 record it appears that 152 Mortimer was part of the original allotments 1, 2 & 3 of section 7
  • 1878 (13 Nov 1878): A portion of the land for 152 Mortimer St was sold by Blackman to Thomas Robert Randall (or Randell as his name is shown spelt with an “a” and with an “e” in different parts of the records).
    • This was the first time that a Deposited Plan was registered (Vol 375, Folio 199) for the land on which a portion of which, 152 Mortimer would eventually become
  • 1884 (2 June 1884): Blackman sold to Randell the “residue of the land comprising section 7” – of which a part of that land then acquired, as above, would eventually make up 152 Mortimer (Vol 1654, Folio 35)
  • 1885 (12 May 1885): Unsure of exactly what occurred at this stage as the LPI records are not clear (i.e. whether Blackman and/or Randell sold their interests in the land), however at this point William John Sheppard appears on the title (Vol 1661, Folio 57)
  • 1906 (3 March 1906): The property was acquired by William & Mary Wisbey – and then bequeathed in 1919 to their daughters Eunice May Wisbey & Pinetta Wisbey as joint tenants (Vol 2907, Folio 65)
  • 1940: The property was acquired by Sarah Ellen Babbage (Vol 5114, Folio 217)
  • 1953 (14 March 1953): The property was acquired by Robert Wilson (Vol 5114, Folio 217)
  • 1973 (1 March 1973): The property was acquired by William Russell Lumsden (DP16/2/393)
  • 2017 We purchased the property!