We are very excited to share with you our journey of restoration, discovery and renovation of 152 Mortimer, St Mudgee, 2850, NSW, Australia.  Mark and I came across this property on one of our visits to Mudgee to visit family.  We both fell in love with the charm of the place yet a little daunted by the huge task of rescuing the house.  We looked at other properties but kept coming back to Mortimer St.  The floors were sagged, walls were warped, and some of the timber stump foundations had just rotted away, leaving floorboards laying on the ground beneath but it was still standing after 130 years.  Moisture, smells, cobwebs, many layers of linoleum and flaking paint was not going to deter us from the challenge ahead.

The Gables is a unique timber building in Mudgee. It was built in the 1880’s using the building technique called board and batten construction. This means that the tough and grove boards run vertically and each join is covered with a thin hardwood board that helps to seal from the weather.